Does your current technology support provider give you all of the services available to CharterTech clients?

  • A ticketing system to track IT issues
  • Support that works within your school’s budget
  • A technology committee creation to make joint decisions, that includes your employees, to guide purchasing decisions
  • Expertise in low-cost high-performance equipment solutions
  • A dynamic support model that allows you to hire an IT director and IT support without the expense of maintaining full-time employees. Dynamic support enables you to:

    • Avoid high consulting fees
    • Pay no benefits
    • Pay only for the support that you need
    • A long-term IT support relationship that benefits your charter school's IT system with:

      • Less personnel turnover
      • Less system disruption
      • A consistent approach to providing technology
      • Weekly on-site visits to help:

        • Prevent problems before they happen
        • Address issues as soon as they arise
        • Keep your IT system in optimal condition
        • The ability to leverage education pricing
        • Experienced  IT support without a learning curve
        • Fixed contract pricing that will help you predict costs and allow for easier budgeting, no hourly rates and no billing surprises
        • The right technology installed at the start

If your current technology support person, or company, gives you all of these services, tell them thank you and treasure them like gold.

If not, let CharterTech be your second choice.

Please call for a no-obligation consultation to learn what we can do for you.


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