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NP Man; Making the World a Better Place to Live!

There are many issues and challenges facing educators today, including the need for digital learning in classrooms, which requires a constant effort to keep up with the blistering pace of technology. The need for more, and better, technology is constantly in the minds of stakeholders who want the very best education for all students.  With so many people working diligently to insure they are keeping up, there is a great need for those who support school technology; and can assist in educating the educators.  There is one person who truly believes in the Charter School Model, continues to expand his knowledge of education technology and knows what schools need.  He is Bobby Glen James.



His organization is Charter Tech Support: not just another I.T. company.  He truly believes in the Charter School model, and works to become an integral part of what is going on with the technology needs for the teachers and learners he supports. To keep up with the demands of 21st Century learning, Bobby and his staff go beyond what most technical support services do to keep everything and everyone working at a high level, with as few interruptions as possible. 


Teachers, administrators, parents and policy-makers are constantly dealing with a barrage of issues, challenges and opportunities when it comes to technology in providing robust, engaging and effective education for our future generations.  With the desire to serve, Bobby does everything in his power to provide more than just technical support.  He is dedicated in learning as much as possible and passing along that knowledge to educators, who then provide the most memorable learning experiences that change many lives of their students for the better. This effort in turn goes a long way to assist families, communities and our world in making it a better place for us all.

Herein lies the many reasons Bobby takes this particular approach to serving his clients.  This work is meaningful to Bobby and his family, because he is a Dad whose own children are enrolled in a Charter School.  He understands the need to offer the best technology that will safely and effectively serve those who require ease and efficiency in their day-to-day activities. 


For example, the state and federal government will offer financial assistance to allow for technology infrastructure to provide schools with enterprise firewall protection, content filtering, high speed Internet service and high-level professional development for educators.  As a standard feature of the service Charter Tech provides, Bobby and his staff stay abreast of education technology modernization and it may not be unusual for Bobby to sit down with school leaders and stakeholders to nurture buy-in and devise a plan for growth. In addition, Charter Tech takes an active role in state and district-wide technology coordinator gatherings to learn about and share the latest in education technology tools.  This allows him to earn the respect and support of those who are doing the same at public and private schools all over their state and in their local community. 


Bobby and the folks at Charter Tech Support are physically housed within the schools they serve, so the clients feel support and the presence of technology experts who can be depended on to be there when they are needed.  These are interpersonal technicians who are willing to spend however much time necessary to alleviate any problems that arise, exhibiting respectful attitudes that show they really care about the people they serve.  Bobby explains there are three kinds of technicians: A Super Tech, who knows everything and often takes on a superior attitude; a Geek Tech who knows most everything, but does not work well with others; and then there is the Interpersonal Tech who can relate to others, showing they sincerely want to help.  That is why he has an alter ego called NP-Man"No Problem Man" is that Interpersonal Tech: His name is Bobby Glen James. He says this is the important work of his life, and his calling. You can tell this statement is true, by the testimonials of the people at the schools he supports, and the lives of the students and families that he touches.





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