UCET 2015 Notes-Keynote, Vicki Davis

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UCET 2015 Notes-Keynote, Vicki Davis

Transform with positive attitude – VICKI DAVIS @coolcatteacher


Here is the Slide Deck to see what Vicki Davis covered at UCET 2015:





Brain Rules – John Medina “Exercise boosts brain power.”


Better than depression medication!

Printed by Dave Ramsey

20 Things the Rich Do Every Day by Tom Corley

Relative Influences on Learning What Can We Change

What Helps Student Learn

Spotlight on Student Success


Harry Wong, the First Days of School


Mindset by Carol Dweck

Goalsetting with tools like Trello


More parents involved in FB than any other communication

More than just a bake sell


Story about elderly, Mrs. Adkins: Not  a Turtle, a Titan (she would read 3 folders a weekend)

Testing results for each student, calls parents, Thinking about "John".

There are NO DIGITAL NATIVES, etc.


REBOOT  to fix & reset for tomorrow!


The Morning Miracle   “I CAN CARE ABOUT ME”


Innovate like a turtle –

Can’t do everything, but can do something.


The Global Project Journey – 1 thing at a time.


Flat Classroom Project

Genius Hour (fantastic best practice)

Hour of Code


If you want it to be permanent, let the older students teach.


Audience is Important – Peck & Corricott, 1994


Horizon Project 2008

Instant messaging in Kitar

(we don’t ride camels & live in tents)


Habit #3 People-Related Habits


Connect: Synchronous (mystery skype)

Asynchronous –




Not what are you keeping out, what are you brining in?


Students are involved in the evolutions of technology integration”


Leading & Bleeding Edge – Sometimes we lead, and sometimes…

John Seely Brown et al

The Power of Pull, Kindle loc.495


Institutional leaders will need to seek out “reverse mentors” among (often younger) individuals who can help them understand…



Survey Students:

Focus Groups at end of year

Beginning of day in Google Form


Worst lesson of the whole year?  Goal, next year make it the best.  Next year make it The Best.



Don’t be a Test Zombie, be a human and take the test.


You brought it, so we brought it.

I can control me in my classroom!


We can make almost anything exciting.


Rather have a pity party, than a victory party.


PINK SHIRT DAY – no bully

Story of seniors wearing pink shirts the 2nd day of school.


Olweus training  – Empower others


Mirror Neurons – cognitive behavior  Giacomo Rizzolatti et al  PDF

“Premotor Cortex and the recognition of motor actions”


Watching others helps to learn to develop habits, skills, abilities…


Bad habits, bad lunchtable companions…

No gossip. 

Want to be the person people want to be around.

Toxic waste for teachers.


WE mirror behaviors of those we are around.


We Become who we think about.

University of Georgia Website, Michelle van Dallon


Phone took 70 years to get 70 million subscribers.

38 yrs to get 50 million subscribers – Radio

13 years

Google 4 years to get 50 million

35 days – Star Wars


Keep up in days of rapid change..


Chat on Twitter!!!!

Wed in Utah  #UTechchat


Build you own Personal Learning Network.


Only only thing you can control – ME!


The Influencer by Kari Patterson


Leverage Influence

Formal Leaders & Opinion Leaders *****

You don’t’ influence everyone at once.






CHANGE – Vicarious Learning


Irrational fear of sharks….people have all kinds of fears.



My New Word:  Teachnology


Fear of Technology  – it doesn’t hate you, it is dumb


Influencing deep beliefs:

Vicarious Experiences


Bandura How long does it take to overcome a phobia?

(1977) “Cognitive process Mediating Behavioral Change”


3HOURS is how long it took to get over phobia of snakes by watching others handling them and trying it themselves.


Students in Dubai (her students on Twitter)


Stronger Connections – Less Fear


Vicarious Learning & Teachable Moment


Kaizen:  Embed Learning

15 minutes 2Xper week to look at Social












Creativity scores plummeting, because test scores are focus.


20% Time Project – Apps for Autism  @Apps_For_Autism


Authentic Focus – brings engagement


Digital Citizenship – engage BRAIN (software)


More and More classes are being taught online – more students learn online


Flipped Classroom


Teacherpreneurship –

Embrace multi-sensory learning.


Treat every student differently


Learning spaces are important – byod – more necessary


VICKI DAVIS – Keynote – ended with story about Sue.

Country, poor, dirt floor – bus stop – teacher talked to Sue – could not miss the bus…


Told Sue she was a leader and should run for Stu Gov


Not popular because poor.


She had a lot of poor friends.  More poor than rich at her school.  She ran….received negative feedback.


She Won.  Sue was a Leader.  This is who she was.


Sue became a teacher – she was her (Vicki Davis') Mother.


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