#UTedChat – Collaborate on Twitter

#UTedChat – Wednesdays from 9 to 10pm on Twitter

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Derek Larson – @lars3eb

Jared Covili – @covili

Other Great EdTech Contacts:

@JohnLit360 and @DrewEdu

@gcouros @shareski @ctimbrown @newfrontier21 @rmbyrne @sledeaux84 @awelcome @coach_sv #ucettweet #4prezo





Not your average, Sit & Git


PLC (personal & professional learning community)


EdChat is Global…..a little difficult to follow along.

3-500 participants

30-50 in Utah EdChat


# are ideas or concepts

@ person or org


     Other Twitter Chats:

#Satchat (Sat 5:30 am)

#NT2T (Sat 7:00 am)


New Teachers to Twitter:

#edtechchat (Mon 6:00 pm)


Be on Twitter at 9 pm on Wednesday

Search for #utedchat

Q and A format (ie Q1 replies will include A1)

Must include #utedchat

Reply and Direct Message

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Tools to use:


Use Ts or Ss or Admins (teachers, students, etc)

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